Friday, June 16, 2006

And on the 2nd day!

By the time I got home last night Angie had the Gucci Grill (G2) out of the box and 90% assembled. We finished up the rest, packed up the rather sizable amount of packing, seasoned the grates and fired up G2! It was a beautiful sight! The evening sun shined off of the finely polished Stainless! We got the fish we bought the night before out and seasoned it, fired up the searing unit and slapped on the Tuna and Swordfish. 10 minutes later we were enjoying our first (of I'm sure many to come) meals off the new grill. One thing is for sure though! After setting up G2, we need a bigger deck!

Bon Appetit

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Licensed to Grill!!?!

007 is Licensed to Kill, Jimmy Buffett is Licensed to Chill, and if you're a food channel watcher like me, you know that Rob Rainford is Licensed to Grill. Well, I may not be Licensed to Grill like Rob (just yet), but I am now Equipped to grill, with the best of them!!

Last night I received a Fathers Day (& Christmas) gift a few days early. I have been casually looking at grills for the new house, but it was not that high on the list, with all of the other things we are needing to remodel the house. I got home ahead of Angie (for a change) last night and was going through the mail when the phone rang. It was my little shoe princess, telling me to meet her on the back porch "in 3 minutes". I went up stairs to change out of my work clothes and came back down just in time to see the Dog limo backed up to the porch. Angie was standing next to the Suburban motioning me outside. She popped open the back door of the truck. It was filled end to end with a massive box (still could not see exactly what it was). Seconds later though, it was all very clear!! I was staring at 300+ lbs; 85,000 BTU's; ...of Stainless Steel outdoor cooking perfection! We unloaded it just as some very dark clouds started to roll in. We needed to run a few errands, so we left it boxed up on the back porch and headed out. Remember that feeling you had as a kid when you opened a Christmas gift that required batteries, and the gift giver rudely didn't think to buy any to go along with your new toy!? And of course being Christmas, there were no stores open to get any. So you could not play with your new toy, just stare at it. Maybe it was good that we were not home last evening, in the rain, staring at the "Gucci Grill" (as it's been named) just sitting there, alone - on the porch, beckoning - calling me. Angie is pretty smart some times - OK, most of the time, getting us out of the house! Tonight however, I will race home from work to assemble and play with my new toy. We picked up some Swordfish and Tuna steaks last night to grill up for dinner, and my parents are coming over this weekend for steaks, so the "Double G" should get a good workout!

Specs: All seamlessly welded 304 Stainless Steel construction. Over 824.6 sq. inches of cooking surface. (4) 10,000 BTU elliptical stainless steel main burners featuring patented Jet Flame ignition. 18,000 BTU ceramic infrared main searing burner. 15,000 BTU ceramic infrared rotisserie burner cooks quickly and evenly to seal in juices and flavor. 12,000 BTU dual port cast brass side burner. Insulated Polyurethane cover. Solid stainless steel rotisserie skewer has adjustable all-stainless forks. Halogen cooking light Skewer stores safely and conveniently on back of grill when not in use. Solid 8mm 304 stainless steel cooking grid strong and durable. Perforated full coverage flame radiants ensure even heating, and protect against flare-ups. Handy lift-off stainless steel side shelf doubles as an attractive serving tray. Full size grease tray catches drips and slides out for quick and easy cleaning. Pullout propane LP tank storage drawer makes tank changes easy.

How did you say you wanted your burgers done again :) ??!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

...I'm just not a "Bath" kinda guy

A couple years ago, after a long Sunday, I was asked by the young lady I was dating if I would like to take a bath to relax before bed. My response "I'm just not a Bath kinda guy" "I'll just take a shower" Well, after a bit of pleading, and a few bats from that set of hard to resist eyes my girlfriend has, I agreed to the bath. She had one o fthose oversized clawed foot tub. You know the kind you find in an old B&B, or a redone farmhouse. Lots of room and made of cast iron (hold the heat longer then today's fiberglass models). The candles were lit, the wine was poured and some munchies plated. OK so I'm starting to feel better about this "Bath" thing. Then out comes the basket of girlie things (bubbly things, oils, funny looking brushes and several other items that I have no idea what they were used for). I should have just stuck to the shower plan I thought to myself. But those eyes (bat, bat) ...two or three hours later I was more relaxed then I think I have ever been. Having been treated to a spa style treatment that you could not find (legally at least) in this country . This soon became a Sunday night routine for us. Needless to say, I now proudly shout form the hilltops "I am a - bath kinda guy!" I of course have Angie to thank for this conversion.

Fast-forward to this weekend, We spent most of the weekend working around the house and doing yard work. Oh, and lets not forget took Nik roller skating Sat. to boot (first time I've been on skates in 27 yrs). We did some of the most physically demanding yard work I have ever done. I can't remember the last time I was that beat at the end of the day. I was so tired I could not even eat the great BBQ chicken and Mac salad Angie made, and I was smelling all afternoon. I got Nik to bed and was headed for the shower. Angie suggested I soak in a hot bath for a while knowing that I would have trouble moving Monday. I popped a hand full of Advil (which I almost never take) and got in the tub. A few minutes later the lights when out, a candle was burning, and I was being handed a glass of wine. Soon after (despite have worked along side of me all day, and I'm sure just as tired) I was getting another spa like bath treatment. An hour later, I was in bed, far more comfortable then I'm sure I would have been if I were still a "Shower Kinda Guy" and drifting off to sleep. What a wonderful treat form my wonderful lady!! Thank ya Baby!